Saturday, December 13, 2014

Hong Kong

This autumn I flied to Hong Kong for two months. in the the beginning, I very much doubt about this trip. But then I thought that I have nothing to lose, why not fly. The first days and weeks were very stuffy and unbearably hot. But human can get used with everything so did I. It was the most intense, crazy ride of my life. Ofcourse all this would not have happened if I would didn't met one crazy girl!  I am usually very capricious in life. I really like only a few people and i don't let others to my life. But this time there was something supernatural going on. I am very grateful for what life has presented to me. And if you find such people then hold on to them! Since nowadays it is very rare to find a nice people. But actually all was not well in my trip.....And so it happened to me! In Hong Kong for the first time, I lost all my things! Literally everything that is possible to lose! I had so many beautiful photos on films and I wanted to shoot a lot there I had so many plans.. Anyway It all started when I first left my wallet in the bus with the money and my credit card, and then I lost my first camera and then I lost my another camera. Haha then I lost my bag with iPhone, passport and the other things. Yes, it's very cruel. Yes, I was very upset at first time but when a habit has established i started to laugh. I had to fly further to another country but without a passport it was impossible. So Estonian embassy gave me special paper for returning back to country and for that time everything worked well. BUT haha, I almost missed my flight as well!  Yes in that fact that I actually arrived to the airport 3 hours earlier! But all these happened because nobody did not understand my special paper and they were asking where is my passport....So they called all workers and all together they solved this issue. Then the same thing happened at the passport control. Oh, that was really crazy trip that's for sure!!!

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